Smartphones & Tablets


Our cross platform application and gaming technology is based upon and sits on top of the Marmalade SDK, a truly amazing cross platform smart phone, tablet and emerging technologies SDK. Our technology supports not only traditional application development but also 2D and 3D gaming as well as streaming content, augmented reality, location based and web services based applications.

  • Our core technology currently supports the following platforms:
  • iPhone and iPad (all versions)
  • Android phones and tablets
  • Samsung Bada phones
  • Blackberry Playbook tablet
  • Symbian phones
  • Windows Mobile 6.x based devices
  • Mobile Linux based devices
  • LG TV
  • Windows and OSX

We write once and deploy to multiple platforms simultaneously with very little extra effort and very little extra cost.

We also support Windows Phone 7 Silverlight and XNA based application and game development as well as Java Mobile (J2ME) using separate core technologies.

Lastly, we also support cross platform development using HTML / HTML 5 / CSS / JavaScript and ASP.NET