Murder Detective 2: Corruption is available.

We’re pleased to announce the release our second graphical adventure game, Murder Detective 2: Corruption.   It is available for tablet and smart phones.  The game is designed and published by Australian company Tournay Software.

Murder Detecive 2 is a murder mystery adventure game. Join detectives Phil McDermott and Stephanie Rogers as they try to solve the death of a man at Lynton Church. Unravel the complex story as you try and solve the mystery.

Game features:
* A thrilling murder mystery storyline.
* Mini games and puzzles.
* Hidden objects.
* Interact with characters.
* Cinematic cutscenes that enhance gameplay.
* Inventory interaction.
* Plenty of locations.
* A must for any murder mystery fan.

Murder Detective 2: Corruption is the first commercial game to be fully developed using our Pocketeers RAD system AppEasy.  AppEasy is designed to bring cross platform native mobile game and application development to the masses using a simple web-like mark-up language similar to HTML.  If you’re interested in developing apps, more information is available here.
The game is currently availale for all iOS and Android devices.  Be sure to check it out!


IwGame – our FREE mobile game engine

If you’re looking for a game engine, then be sure to check out IwGame – our FREE open source cross platform game engine for smart phones and tablets.  Everything you need to know is at  To see what you can do with the engine – check out the demo game ConnecticOns on iTunes.  Tell us if you like the game and we’ll put together a commercial release with fully updated graphics and features.

BattleBallz Chaos at BlackBerry DevCon 2011

Here’s a photo of our BattleBallz Chaos game demoing on stage at BlackBerry DevCon 2011 in San Francisco (photo courtesy of Simon Sage).  The game was shown by Alex Caccia of Marmalade to help illustrate just how quickly software can be ported to entirely new platforms – without sacrificing speed or product quality.  Our iOS game was ported and approved for BlackBerry within 24hrs.

BattleBallz RIM

Pocket Gamer Interview

PocketGamerOur Tech Director Mat Hopwood has been interviewed by mobile gaming website Pocket Gamer. He shares his thoughts on cross-platform development with the Marmalade SDK. Check out the link below:

Pocketeers’ BattleBallz to feature at BlackBerry DevCon 2011

BlackBerry Devcon

We’re pleased to announce that the BlackBerry PlayBook version of BattleBallz Chaos will be featured at RIM’s DevCon event in San Francisco between October 18-20 2011. Check out the official website ( for more details.

Mat’s Programming Blog


Our Tech Director and programming guru Mat Hopwood has been dedicating some of his time to a new coding blog. Right now he’s dealing specifically with the Marmalade SDK. Some of his tutorials have already made it into the official Marmalade development documentation – so if you’re interested in development, be sure to check it out –

Amazon Kindle Fire Development


KindleFireWe like the look of the new Kindle Fire. And thanks to our Marmalade-based game engine, we’re already set up to develop for this cool new device. If you’re on the lookout for an experienced app or game developer to bring your ideas to life on this brand new platform, get in touch!

BattleBallz Chaos now available for PlayBook

BattleBallzBattleBallz Chaos is now available for the new BlackBerry PlayBook. Our game was the first product to hit the store using Marmalade’s powerful SDK. If you have a PlayBook, why not head over to the store and grab a copy. Currently rated 4/5 on BlackBerry AppWorld.

FunkyCam 3D for iPhone, iPad, Android & Bada


FunkyCam 3D is an amazing smart phone app lets you view any media including photos, movies, drawings, computer screen or even your local environment in 3D right on your iPhone, iPad, Android or Samsung Bada. Funky Cam 3D examines the view of your phones camera and the photos located in your camera roll and creates a 3D representation of what it sees in real-time, allowing you to move around, zoom and rotate the view. Watch as the world around you comes to llfe and depth is added to photographs, movies, magazines, drawings and even web pages!

You can grab this app from the following website:!

BattleBallz Game – now available!

Today we released our new game – BattleBallz for iPhone, iPod, iPad and WP7.  Samsung Bada and Android versions will be available shortly.  It’s fast – check out the video of the iPhone version here:

For more information and links to the store, please visit our support page at: